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Green Legacy provides quality hardwood caskets to customers who desire an alternative to funeral home caskets. Useful in natural burials or cremation, a Green Legacy Casket offers a choice for those who are concerned with the high cost of funerals, and environmental issues related to burials. Our caskets are priced between $750 - $1000 and are certified by the Green Burial Council.

There are many reasons for choosing a Green Legacy Casket:

  • Care for the environment
  • Reflect a simple lifestyle
  • Financial Stewardship


We invite you to learn more about our caskets and about the importance of pre-planning a funeral.

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We believe that funerals have become a commercial industry that no longer takes into account the purpose of an end-of-life ceremony and that disregards the notion of returning our bodies to the earth. We believe that there is a more natural, less expensive alternative in green burials to foster peace of mind and to celebrate life.


To provide comfort to families and to honor God’s creation, Green Legacy Caskets provides quality wooden caskets manufactured from renewable materials that are 100% biodegradable. We also promote pre-planning funerals as a way to respect our loved ones’ wishes and ultimately to make end-of-life ceremonies more meaningful.

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Green Legacy Caskets
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